Culinary Medicine  Education
and Training


Chef Julia Nordgren, MD believes that not only doctors and chefs, but anyone can benefit from a more profound understanding of the link between good food and good health.

Dr. Nordgren has developed innovative courses that combine sound medical information with culinary skill development. These workshops are designed to give participants a framework for understanding current food and diet trends, and to develop skill in healthy meal preparation.

Beneficial to future doctors, chefs, and professionals, these workshops are an enriching, inspiring and lively supplement to any formal training program.

Corporate Consultation

No matter who you employ and what you employ them to do, a healthy workforce is key to any business success. Offering strategies for healthy eating can lead to a happier workplace that produces higher quality work.

Dr. Nordgren offers lectures, wellness seminars, cooking demonstrations, and individual counseling sessions. Her innovative approach can improve the health, productivity, and personal performance of people in and out of your office.

Custom Programs & Personal Consultations

Dr. Nordgren is able to cater programs around the specific needs of a family, organization, company or institution. With the challenge identified, a one-time or multi-dimensional program will be built to address the identified challenge or goal.

Dr. Nordgren also offers personal health and culinary consultations. Her expertise lies in helping families manage issues of:

•    High cholesterol
•    Pre-diabetes
•    Excess weight
•    Gluten allergy or intolerance

Her unique blend of medical and culinary expertise can help individuals set and achieve their goals!


Chef Julia Nordgren, MD
Phone: 650-288-7366

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