Ken Woytisek CEC, CHE, ACE
Chef Instructor
The Culinary Institute of
America at Greystone


While Dr./Chef Nordgren was my student, she demonstrated a passion for food and a passion for preparing and providing good food with mindful nutrition. In fact, her passion was so infectious (no pun intended) that I embarked on my own quest to eat healthier. I learned that there are a wealth of great recipes and good foods that are "tasty" and nutritious. Dr./Chef Nordgren is an inspiration to all who want to eat healthier without sacrificing good taste!

Mary McGowan, MD
Author of Heart Fitness for Life
A national expert on
cholesterol management
Adjunct Faculty at
Dartmouth Medical School

Julia Nordgren is destined to change the way we think about and prepare meals for ourselves and our families. Julia is a superb physician who cares deeply about helping both adults and children achieve better health through improved diet and exercise. I had the good fortune to work with Julia for 3 years at a very busy lipid clinic. It was in the lipid clinic that I witnessed Julia’s commitment to excellence in treating patients. Julia took the time to get to know every one of her patients and by doing so she was able to help each of them design an individualized treatment plan. She is not a physician who jumps immediately to medications. Julia helps patients design a diet that is both flavorful and effective at promoting weight loss and improved cholesterol.

Realizing the pivotal role food plays in health and disease, Julia decided to pursue a degree in culinary arts. And being Julia, she aimed high – The Culinary Institute of America (The CIA). With a medical degree from Dartmouth and culinary degree from The CIA, Julia is ready to set the world on fire. If you have questions about how to eat for optimal health, Julia is the person you want on your team and in your kitchen!

Pamela Crair, MD
Assistant Clinical Professor
at Yale University
Mother of 2

Julia has been such a great help to our family. She has such a unique perspective - not only is she a doctor and a chef, but a working mother as well! She totally understands the challenges I have with working and trying to feed my family healthfully. She has helped me feel confident about the things I was already doing, as well as make some healthy changes that we all love. She is an incredible resource!

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Chef Julia Nordgren, MD
Phone: 650-288-7366
Email: julia@drjuliacooks.com